Department of Handling

Preface and Introduction

Cornering Speed

Tire grip - discuss about large-diameter, wide and low profile tires

Suspension design - explain why double-wisbhones are favourable. Illustrate different types of double-wishbones suspensions.

Weight Transfer due to lateral force - explain how cornering forces reduce overall grip and how to avoid. Weight vs down force.

Weight Transfer due to body roll - explain how body roll reduce overall grip

4-Wheel Drive - why 4WD improves cornering grip


Steering Response - Tell you why we like mid-engined cars

Neutral Steer, Understeer and Oversteer

Basic concept: Slip Angle - Explain how neutral steer, understeer and oversteer are generated.

Non-neutral steer due to Tractive Force - Comparing FWD, RWD and 4WD cars' handling

Power Oversteer - RWD's unique advantage

RWD versus 4WD - which is better ?

New Trend for RWD cars - wider and wider tires, is it a good trend for RWD cars ?

Non-neutral steer due to front/rear weight distribution - Explain how front-engined car leads to understeer and rear-engined car leads to oversteer.

Non-neutral steer due to suspension geometry - How camber leads to steering tendency. Camber change of different suspension designs.


Steering Feedback and Torque Steer

Chassis Rigidity's influence to handling

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