AutoZine Awards 2018

Styling of the Year

Bentley Continental GT
The new Continental GT might look like the last one, but if you inspect carefully, you will find it changed a lot as well. Undoubtedly, it drew on the beautiful proportion of the old car, which is still appealing even today. From there, it alters the lines and curves here and there, polishes the surfaces, re-sculpts the concaves and convexes, sharpens the edges and corners where necessary. The squarer and more upright grille has more character without feeling old-fashioned. The quad-circular headlights make Jaguar regrets. The oval rear lights are mirrored by the exhaust located not far underneath. Every detail is finished to impeccable standard. To find fault from the design is almost impossible. Hopefully it could support a lifespan of another decade.
Past winners

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2016   Volvo S90
2015   Mercedes C-class W205
2014   Jaguar F-Type
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2004   Bentley Continental GT
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2002   Lamborghini Murcielago
2001   Alfa Romeo 147
2000   Toyota Yaris
1999   Chrysler 300M

Honorable mentions

Renault Alpine A110
Honorable mentions

Kia Stinger GT
Honorable mentions

McLaren 720S
Honorable mentions

Bugatti Chiron

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