AutoZine Awards 2018

After a full year of hard work, what could be better than sit down and look back to the remarkable players of last year? Since 1999, every year AutoZine presents our awards to the best and worst new cars launched in the past year. Throughout the years our spirit never changed - the best cars are to be appreciated without any national bias, while the worst cars are to be highlighted without the slightest mercy.
Car of the Year

Renault Alpine A110
The last car of the year is also the best. You don't need to be a fan of Alpine  to feel excited. Just look at its handsome appearance, settle into the perfect driving position, start the motor and turn the wheel, from that moment you will wonder why this kind of driving excitement has been absent from mainstream sports cars for so long. Like an Elise, it feels incredibly compact and agile. Controls are feelsome but without the hefty steering of the Lotus. It is fun to drive at any speeds. It rides superbly, too, while refinement and practicality makes Lotus and Alfa 4C owners crazy. Even the small four-cylinder engine, one of the weakest points of the car, is by no means bad, for it produces decent performance and, whisper it, better sound than Porsche Cayman. If you are not concerned about badge, this is the car enthusiast should have.
Past winners

2017   BMW 5-Series G30
2016   Mazda MX-5
2015   Ferrari LaFerrari
2014   Porsche 991 GT3
2013   Tesla Model S
2012   BMW 3-Series F30
2011   Jaguar XJ
2010   Ferrari 458 Italia
2009   Nissan GT-R
2008   Jaguar XF
2007   Ferrari 599GTB Fiorano

2006   Bugatti EB16.4 Veyron
2005   Ferrari F430
2004   Ford GT
2003   Mercedes-Benz E-class and E55 AMG

2002   Mercedes-Benz SL
2001   Alfa Romeo 147
2000   Ferrari 360 Modena
1999   Ford Focus

Honorable mentions

McLaren 720S
Honorable mentions

Porsche 911 GT3 4.0
Honorable mentions

Honda Civic Type R
Honorable mentions

Bentley Continental GT

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