AutoZine Farewell

Welcome to the AutoZine farewell party ! After 3 years of facelift, my latest photo is finally shown here ! however, heart and bones are still the original Mk1 ("Wan" pronounces "One" in Chinese).

Now have a drink first. Beer or Martini ? (don’t drink before drive, by the way) Cheers ! wish me a good future and (finally) a good sleep tonight ! wish you find a substitution to AutoZine soon ! wish mergers stop and Citroen revives ! wish fuel price low and redline high ! wish Gordon Murray team up with Peter Steven again ! (to create another McLaren F1)

An undisclosed Secret

AutoZine would have never been created if I decided to join Supercars Past & Present site. Back to December 96, just tasted internet for a few days, I visited Richard Owen’s Supercars site. He was finding a partner to run the site, so I emailed him that I’d like to try that and was accepted. However, I found he was not only younger than me, but also being a computer guy rather than car enthusiasts, as he really knew too little about cars compared with us. Instead of helping such a boss to create a world-beating site, I’d rather do under my name. That’s why the partnership was never realized.

AutoZine Word Count

410,000 words in total 
(excluding all the expired news and reports)

Distribution of words

New Car Archives
50.0 % 
Classic Car Archives
20.6 % 
AutoZine Technical School
10.5 % 
Complete Manufacturer Pages
8 % 
Inspiration (10 issues)
3.5 % 
Strange Car Achives
3 % 
4.4 % 

Longest Reports

The Complete Story of 911
18,900 words 
Lamborghini Countach - The Supercar Legend
5,900 words 
The True Story of 959
5,800 words 
Ferrari 360 Modena
3,480 words 
Lamborghini Diablo
3,440 words 

Hi Mark,

I´ve been a loyal visitor of your site since I first saw it (about two years now). It´s the best car site on the net, period. I understand your reasons to stop updating it, and I just wanted to tell you that I (and many of my friends) will miss it very much, this news came almost as a shock... anyway, i hope you do well in any other project you may have, and thanks for everything you gave us... car fans will miss your site.

Alex Renner.

I just want to tell you that your work is one of the best in the Web. I enjoy reading it for the past few years. In fact, I have put your web site as my default homepage. Your articles are very very comprehensive, informative, updated and unbiased. Sometimes I wonder how you would ever get
so such information. You must have read a lot. If I have to rate, yours is much better than most from the market. I know things would eventually come to an end, especially when you cannot make profit from your work. So I am now writing to you because complement from reader is the best comfort you'll
get. Once again, excellent work. You will be missed.


Hi Mark, 

Sorry to hear about your plans for AutoZine, though I understand how motivation is essential to do these things, especially if it is not a commercial venture and yet takes the same levels of time and energy. You can be proud of your achievements - I for one enjoyed the material you've collected and regular refer to it to check a point, or an opinion. All the best for AutoZine and for yourself, I'd look forward to your re-appearance in the future. 

Alex McNaught


Absolutely fantastic site! This is by far the most comprehensive site on cars I have seen on the net. Sorry that you have decided to call it quits. Almost everyday I would peruse your site for info and updates. Please, I beg you to reconsider. I know it must take a very large amount of your time to update and maintain your site but I think it is worth the effort! 



Thank you for an absoultely fantastic job with Autozine. I will miss it and your comments very much. I know of no-other web site which provides such complete coverage of what's going on in Europe, Asia and the US.

Best of luck!

Richard Durishin

I only found the autozine last year but it´s the best auto web site i know. Much better than british, american, spanish and portuguese web sites that belong to magazines like whatcar,, autoexpress, etc.

I understand the end.

Pedro Abrantes

Hi, I'm just one of the Autozine readers, from Dominican Republic. And I just wanted to know why don't you get an sponsor or sell part of your magazine to any editorial interested, to make some
money from your site???

I tell you your site is one of the best I ever seen, so do not shut it down........ please

Thanks, regards
Benton Pena

Dear Mark,

The news saddens me, but I must admit I am being selfish. I use your website all day monday to friday
for automotive information. You have indeed created the best automotive website, none even comes close. You have my highest regard and admiration, I wish you the best on your new endevours in which I have no doubt you will again excel. I salute you mark.

Please remember you have a friend in San Diego, California.

Joseph H. Otero 

Many thanks Mark for job you've done to your site. I read your site for the last year. I pose myself as car enthusiast and love to get known something new and fresh about it. Your articles are very professional and also its are full of love to the subject you are writing about. My strong opinion is that you may make your "hobby" a subject to make money easily. 

Best regards, 

Dear Mark,

I think it is definitely a loss for all the car-lover for closing the autozine. I read the autozine only in the recent one year and it is the best auto magazine that I have ever read. The quality of the reports is superb and I enjoy very much in reading them. It is marvellous.

So what other auto magazine you can recommend me to read?? I don't think you or anybody can recommend one that can of similar quality of yours. So why close it??

I would suggest you not to stop writing the reports altogether but to write report more selectively so that we can still enjoy reading your words of wisdom. 

Your truely,

A surgeon from Hong Kong.

I only want to say. The best car site on is going to end. I am crying........ I will maybe come over it, but remember I have read all your number and your site is the one and only to explain interesting mechanical constuction of modern cars. I will miss your car news. me: Boy 37 of age and an a car entusiast like you. 
Keep on ................ whatever you are going to do now. 

Arnstein Brekk 

Mark Wan:

Just another satisfied customer, who wants to let you know what a great job you do at your web site. Your opinions are right on the money, you are right Autocar Magazine is the best. You also have great taste and know how to tell the difference between hype and real design and quality. It saddened  me to
read that you do not own a car, because you deserve one.  I will keep reading your Magazine, the best on the net no doubt.

With appreciation
Martin Michalek
Toronto, Canada

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