Hi Mark,

I have been following Autozine for more than 1 year now and just like to say that you had did a marvelous job. Wish you the very best in whatever you do!!!

Cham Tau Chen

it's too bad to hear that as you r one of my motoring info source adn you did a great job well then most of the so called prof site and i hard and sad to say good bye to you and i do feel a bit sorry about this but pls tell/ let me know when u'll be back or what's your next move. and good luck and wish u some greater brighter future.

Hello Mark, 

I'm Kelvin from Singapore, I guess u r from HK rite? Well ...... I really find it a great pity to lose a fantastic site soon = (I was always very amazed that u r able to get those news so fast .... I always depended on ur site for those news ...but its time for u to relax i guess ....but is it possible for you to tell me where u managed to get all these motoring news? [website or publications] ...... hope i can still update myself with them in future.... I'm very interested in purchasing parts for my car from HK, do u have any web link/email of those tuning firms in HK? 


Sorry to hear that Autozine is coming to and end. I enjoyed it while it lasted. Thank you for your work. I look forward to the last 2 issues.


Since I found your site a year ago I have returned to read it many times. Living in North America I found that the articles on European cars that I have never heard of very interesting. Congratulations on a very fine job and I wish you success in your new life. 

Dennis Visser

Hi Mark: 

During a lot of moths I visit your web, it´s a bad notice your retirement, the auto-zine level is comparable to a professional web. I collaborate in a spanish web www.km77.com and for a lot of us your web is one of the bests. That´s all, happy holidays and I hope you return to do the web in few months. 

Yours faithfully 
Jordi Brunet 

I have greatly enjoyed your "efforts of love" for the past 2 years ... a truly heroic undertaking!!!

I have learned considerably from your analysis & technical dialogs ... also being a Mechanical Engineer myself, I have been continually impressed with your technical accuracy & objectivity.

My only personal disagreements with your automotive preferences are slight .... I own a (97) 320E MB which I find to be a truly excellent automobile (yes, I to wish its steering 'feel' were somewhat more direct ... P6000 Pirelli 'W' rated tires achieved 1/2 the responsiveness improvement I'd wish for) ... I personally find the 4-headlight front-end to be uniquely beautiful & wonderfully original!  (sorry you dont)

Also, I'm a SAAB 'ophile' ... having owned a (74) 99  a great car for its time! ... a (79) 900 3-door a very good & reliable machine ... a (88) 9000s this is my 'all time' personal favorite (even with its pitifully underpowered 2l engine) ... this one may well be a lifetime 'keeper'! ... and currently a (95) 900 convertible, a most enjoyable everyday driver (even with its ultra twisty/flexible chassis ... too bad SAAB engineering missed on this matter, otherwise I'd rate this car as exceptional!)

Anyway ... I would like to consul you to consider SAAB's as providing many owners with a unique combination of styling/function/uniqueness/engineering that in total leads to considerable pride-of-ownership & actually can provide a 'car nut' with something other than the 'on every street corner' BMW's with which to engage their interests.  Try the new 9-5 Aero wagon (automatic) ... SAAB may well be worth your attention!

Again thank you very much for your outstanding efforts & talents ... I'm sure the future will reward your efforts and  highly developed abilities ... all the best! ... Your newsletter will be greatly missed!!!

With Great Regard,

Ken Buell ... a steady reader/fan of yours, also a car-technology loving engineer & lifetime auto enthusiast


Just wanna congratulate you for building such a wonderful site. I visit your page regularly and really appreciate your effort to keep the site up-to-date. I have learn a great deal on cars from your web site. it's really bad news for reader like me to find out that AutoZine will be closing. It's been a pleasure visiting your site and knowing that it was made by a HKese. I am really proud of you. Good luck.
truly yours, 

Simon Kwong 

Dear sir...

words cannot describe the pleasure that I experienced when I stumbled across your supercar gallery. I live on the Caribbean island of Antigua. We are a former british territory and consequently our cars are right hand drive and most of our cars are brought over from japan. As a result I grew up drooling over the Skyline R32, Evolution III and so on. When the time finally came for me to purchas_e my own car I boiled it down to the Evo VI and galant VR4 (being a big mitsu fan). just doing a random search on the internet (and I"m pretty good at finding things on the internet) your site was the only thing giving me what I was looking for.

I'm about to place an order for a 2001 Galant VR4 (it is more practical than the Evo at this point). Your site was a great deciding factor and I'd like to thank you... I've always been a fan of beautiful, powerful
cars and yours is the only site that i've seen that truely does them justice. Despite my love for such cars I'm no where near the enthusiast that you are but I intend to read through your article to hopefully gain
more understanding of these machines. I'm saddened by the announcement of your 'moving on' from the site, but I suppose it's understandable. I would volunteer to maintain it, but i know i could not do it justice.

once again, your effort in this site has been appreciated and best of luck in your future endeavors.

Justin Stuart-Young

Sorry to hear you are giving it up. I find your coverage interesting, and timely.



Its been great reading your site over the past few years. I have eagerly awaited each issue. The technical resources were great, and were enjoyed by many of my engineering friends when I sent them around.

Best of luck in the future!

Thomas Werner

Hello Mark, 

It's a real pity that you're going to stop updating your site. It's been a great pleasure reading it. Before you go, would you do a write up on the upcoming Skoda Octavia? 

All the best for your future undertakings! Hope you'll reconsider your decision... 


Dear Marc,

As a faithful reader of your excellent site, I am disappointed to hear of its end. However, I must congratulate you on the most informative automotive web site. Your site and U.S. publication Autoweek are my sole source for automotive journalism. Nothing else is necessary. Thanks for your contribution and best of luck in your future activities.

Best Regards,

Joshua Barry.

Please, don't stop the AUTOZINE!!!

I suggest that you try a job in a car magazine, you are perfect!!!

Henrique Mendonça
Belo Horizonte, MG -- BRAZIL


I knew it would be asking too much to have a great publication for auto enthusiasts to continue for another 5 years or so. Anyway, thanks for the terrific job you've done. Amazingly, it seems that you were not even able to drive all the cars you reported on - it seems like you did though, from reading your reviews. 

I hope you will be able to find 5 or 6 guys to take over your work; it would take that many individuals to cover the area you did. Best of luck in your future endeavors, I'm sure you'll do well in any venture you involve yourself in. 

Steve Cohn 
Knoxville, Tennessee, USA 

Dear Mark:

I've been closely following your site for a long time now and I can't believe that I will only enjoy two more issues. The up to date technical information, the news about new models, your ratings (even though I couldn't agree with all of them) will be greatly missed.

Now I wonder, isn't it possible to keep the site going with the cooperation of other car fans?. This way a lot of people could submit their work to you and you'd only need to check it out instead of writing all the materials from scratch. We would all still have a continuously updated site we could enjoy, you would be able to ensure that it keeps the high standard of quality it has always had and best of all, you could still be able to save enough time to try new things, which is perfectly understandable.

Please, don't let Autozine die!


Ramón Plasencia
from Caracas, Venezuela

Hi Mark,

Just read on AutoZine that you will stop adding to the pages soon, and so I wanted to send a short note to you to thank you for the site. I have been a regular visitor over the last two years, and have enjoyed very much reading your reviews and comments. Good work!

I wish you every success in your future ventures! AutoZine has proved that you will be successful.


-Steve P


Please give suggestion in the editorial comment of your next issue on how to maintain & continuously update  the Autozine site. It's just too depressing to learn that this excellent site has to come to an end.
There maybe someone out there who can help.

Thanks for the knowledge and information you've shared with all of us for the past three and a half year. Hope that good things lays ahead of you.


Hi Mark,

I have been a regular visitor to "autozine" for about two years and was always impressed with the amount of information and the quality of your work. I fully understand your wanting to move on to other things...good luck in all your future endeavours and thanks again for autozine!!


Patrick Douet


As an avid reader of your site, I am deeply saddened by the fact that it is coming to an end. I thought, perhaps, you might have an interest in seeing others continue your work after you are done. I think that there are a number of enthusiasts out there who would love to continue the fine work you have started. With this in mind, I would consider talking to you about continuing AutoZine after you are finished. I'm available at the above e-mail address and would gladly pay for a phonecall in order to discuss the possibility of keeping your great creation alive. 
Eric Keltz, Esq.

Mark, i have been a follower of AutoZine for a long time and i would like to thank you for all the reports that i happy readed , the pictures that were my wallpapers , the news that excited me , the technology highlights that teached me a lot, and especially for the love you put into every letter of your magazine. 
I really understand your decision, because i have a page and i know how much time it takes to update... I hope you very good luck on your life, you have to be proud of what you have done. 

Fernando Quintana


i'm a fan of your site. 
please don't stop it! i love it! 
It updates me on every new car. 
it's excellent. 


hey, i would like to say that your site is the most organized and most informative car site in the world. I am a Japanese Import Car enthusiast and using your site, i am learning more and more every time i come to your site... keep it up.


It's souund sad that you will close Autozine which I could say that it's one of the best car website. Also your website influenced me to run my website - car&medical - if you could remember. I think I really
understand what do you feel.

With best regards

Surapong A.

I've depended largely on your site for the latest info on the auto industry for quite some time now.  That said, I would like to know if you have any good links to other pages which at least come close to yours in quality, as well as quantity.

Any info would be appreciated.
Thanks for all your hard work.


this is a great site and you are a great car editor ! So sad that you are stopping to do that but I will still visit it to look at those pics and techincal info ! Great Job and Enjoy your new explorations !


Hello Mark,

I am mailing regarding your wonderful AutoZine page.  

Just wanted to let you know that I found your site very useful and interesting and I thought other people should know about it.  Thus I have linked it from my site.

I am sorry to learn that your site will come to an end next month but I am a bit releaved that you will not be closing the site down since there is so much useful articles on your site.  Thank you very much and keep up the good work and wishing you very best of luck whatever you are doing next.



The 'Zine is a great creation and I applaud your efforts.  A job well done.  I hope that either someone can pick-up on this endeavor and continue your work or that you sell it and the site is commercialized.  Without too many commercials. Kudos!


Dear Mark

It is so sad when I now that you are going to publish the final issue. With such a superb website and detailed inside views, all you web-fans would feel the great loss.

Is there anyway you can continue your great work? Maybe not so often but please carry on.....a lot of us out there would love to see that!!

Don't disappoint us..Pleeeeeese


Hi Mark,

Autozine is great! I'm very sorry that Autozine will no longer be update because I have been a loyal reader of the site for about two years now. Every time I feel like reading about cars, your website is the first one I visit.  I absolutely love the news section that offers information almost impossible to find anywhere else.

Now that I can no longer rely on Autozine for the latest news, can you suggest a few other website that contain the latest news on new cars?

Thanks for a wonderful website,

Matt Xie
Toronto, Canada

PS:  Your english has improved greatly since I first started  reading.

Hi Mark.

It could be that you still remember me. I used to ask you about my Ford Sierra and you used to be the only person around able to reasonably respond to me.

I guess I could say that it is a great pity for readers of AutoZine to know that you decided to stop updating it. On the other hand, you caused me to become a constant viewer of BBC Top Gear and another local (Israeli) car and driving program. Unfortunately neither of them is as comprehensive in insight and broad in coverage as your site. 

Well, you are the boss and your decision is to be respected. I wish you most of the luck. It would seem that a person like you can achieve very much. You've put yourself to the managing site as big as AutoZine and succeeded triumphantly...

My experience shows that once people abandon their sites eventually (pretty soon unfortunately) these sites fall apart :(. I would like to ask for your permission to download all of AutoZine so that I will be able to 
1. Greedily have it accesible any time I need a car reference
2. Make it available on-line though this does not seem to be a likely possibility. Naturally, it will still be yours and my name won't be mentioned.

What do you say?

I hope that we meet on-line another time another place and I wish you best of the luck.

Live Long and Prosper+ACE-


Hi Mark,

I just wanted to thank you for the efforts you have put forth with your web site.  I have found it to be one of the most informative automotive web pages on the internet today.  I am a bit sadden by the news that this wonderful web page will no longer be updated but I understand the need to move on.  My only regret is that I did not find your web page sooner, I am a recent fan ( as of June of this year) and have taken a liking to your work.  Good luck with your future projects what ever it may be and thank you once again for you wonderful work.

Tim Nguyen, USA


I'm Frantz Grondin a French student in mechanic and I want to specialize myself in automobile engines. Your website is very rich and my favorite heading is Technology. That is the more interesting website I have never ridden. 

Thank you for you excellent website. I learn thanks to you. 


I heard you're not going to continue the Autozine. I was shocked and very disappointed. I ran into your
site by accident almost two years ago and love it ever since. It's the best site I've seen and all my friends
agree with me on that. I enjoyed every issue and every article. Though I hope you will continue this
excellent work. I just want to let you know what an outstanding job you have done. I'm going to miss the
Autozine but I will check back from time to time. Thank you so very much for one heck of a site. 



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