About AutoZine & the Author
What's AutoZine?

AutoZine is my personal car website established on September 1997. Throughout the years, AutoZine has been non-commercial at all - no sponsorship, no advertisement thus no income. In other words, I do it just for fun.

The Author

So, who am I ? My name is Mark Wan, a resident of Hong Kong. If you don't know where this great city is, look at your world atlas, at the southern shore of China ... yes, that dot is Hong Kong. As seen in the beautiful photo, I’m a pure Chinese in human race, also speak Chinese as mother tongue and think in Chinese. That’s why you’ve already found so many grammatical mistakes in my writings.

It may be a surprise to you that a Chinese created such a high-quality automotive web site wholly by himself. I know there is no world-class car makers in China, but that doesn't stop us from loving and knowing cars. Also worth amazing may be that I have never studied or worked in automotive field. Car is just my very first hobby. In fact, I graduated from electronic engineering of CUHK and am now working for a laboratory responsible for safety certification of electrical goods. This sounds too unfamiliar to you, I think?

Back to our common interest. I started reading car magazines since 1984. In the beginning I read only local magazines, then as my English got better and better I also read British as well as American magazines.

Mark Wan's Profile

Early 1970s, hit by Energy Crisis
Cars and hiking
Dream cars:
Renault GTA V6 Turbo, Jaguar E-type
Dream designs:
Ferrari 308GTB, Jaguar E-type, Ferrari Testarossa
Favourite engineers:
Colin Chapman
Favourite designers:
Leonardo Fioravanti
Favourite journalists:
Paul Frere and Peter Robinson
Favourite car magazines:
Favourite racing drivers:
Alain Prost

The Creation of AutoZine

As soon as my PC connected to internet in early 1997, I spent days and nights browsing thousands of automotive web sites listed in Yahoo. However, I was disappointed that none of them met my expectation (which was quite high, admittedly). In particular, none of the sites had a global knowledge about European, American and Japanese cars simultaneously. The internet was supposed to break regional barriers, but still no one was capable of exploiting its power.

That’s why I decided to do it myself. Once the target was set, everything became unbelievable: I learned HTML and JavaScript quickly, then spent countless nights and holidays to research and to write about some 200 new cars and 100 classic cars. This process took 6 months to finish.

On Sept 1st, 1997, AutoZine finally went online. In the following years it received thousands of favourable comments from readers. Some praised it as "the most informative car site", some simply described it as the best they had ever seen. However, the one who benefited the most was myself. I really learned many more about cars through creating AutoZine.

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