A Present to Mr. Bush
April 2003

We Asian, European and simply everyone outside the United States of America, see the US military action against Iraq as invasion rather than so-called "liberation". Forgive me, I still don't understand what "mass destruction weapon" is. A Hummer H2 crashes into a house will definitely cause masses of destruction. Is it a "mass destruction weapon"? Do you know how Iraq and Saddam Hussein link with 9-11? because he has a 911 in his garage? evidences from Mr. Powell seemed as slim as that. 

Anyway, I suggest we stop arguing about war or not - we can't change it anyway. Instead, we can make the post-war world better, sowing it with seeds of love and sharing just like President Bush sowing bombs and missiles in Iraq. To amend the broken relationship between the Arabian and the Western - strictly speaking, only American and British - I suggest Muslim leaders can give President Bush a fine present - a new Cadillac Sixteen.

Why this car? there are several important reasons. Firstly, the Cadillac concept car has a wild look reassembling the attitude of its owner. "Go away! you bitch Sonata! this is My road! this is My world! No one can block me!". Also, the thundering roar of its V16 engine should frighten any cars and police (read "UN") around so that no one will dare to stop President Bush going where he like and doing what he want. 

Secondly, the 16-cylinder engine has 13.6 litres of capacity to ensure the newly occupied oil fields not wasted. With the world's second largest oil reserve under control by Uncle Sam, we estimate gas price will dive to 10 cents a litre. 13.6-litre engines will be as common as today's 3-litre. Corvette C6 will get a mega-block V8, Hummer H3 will get a 1500hp gas-turbine.... American will be wealthy enough to go to South Pole for summer vacation - they have to. Remember to bring more sun oil.

Lastly but not least, any car with 1000 horsepower and 1000 lbft must drive like a dream. With this Cadillac Sixteen as present, maybe Mr. Bush will start enjoying motoring and spend less time on either eating biscuits or playing war games. Let's hope so.

Mark Wan

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