AIRbornematic Highflyer
What a Silver Arrow !
Truly ride on air,
It thought,
"the best way to avoid elk is to FLY"
So it flew and flipped in practice,
also in qualifying,
as well as in the great 24h race.
The most spectacular scene in motor racing history....
is just another embarrassing moment for M-B.

Time Tunnel

Nissan Mid-4


Nissan unveiled the second generation Mid4 concept car in 1988. In then its handsome look stunned me very much. It still looks good in today, although the 50% aspect ratio 16in tyres looks outdated. Apart from the 4-wheel-drive system (developed by 4wd expert Austria’s Daimler Steyr Puch, which helped developing VW’s 4motion.) and HICAS 4-wheel steering, it shared virtually nothing with the first generation car. The dimension had grown up, also gained 170kg. The 3-litre 24 valves V6 engine added with twin-turbo and boosted to 325hp, offering 911 turbo and Ferrari 328GTB a good fight. Twin plate clutch, front A-arms, rear multi-link suspension ... having tested all these components in the Mid4, Nissan was able to create the mighty 300ZX twin-turbo, the Skyline GT-R etc.  

Reader's Letter
hey mark! 

my name is rimon, and i am a begining transportation design student. anyways i have a couple of comments.........and no i'm not trying to say that art center is the best or anything like that but they are not stylists because that would mean that they jst don't know jack about engineering or whatever, but they are designers and they do know about engineering, human factors, and aerodynamics. now you have been critisizing one of the most beautiful cars around, the audi i do agree with you that it creats lift because of its cd but thats at 120mph........btu you cannot deny its a beatiful car.and about the rear seats, well 2 tight seats are better than none right? and if it wasn't for designers your cars would look like boxes on wheels, they wouldn't be comfortable, or safe, and definetly not easy to use / opperate .......... regardless of the fact that some of the classics that were created by engineers of the past. designers work very closely with engineers, and aerodynamics engineers, as well as marketing people, accountents, product planners, and product well as corporate heads, so its not up to car designers alone............but NOT STYLISTS.

Hiya Mark 

I loved your site and the pics were fantastic and had me drooling. However, I gotta say that these pics are about the most decent ones on the net and you can't ddownload them. What's up dude????? Please can you 
do something about this ASAP. I'm dying over here mate !!  If you do plan on doing something about this soon, please do the majority in a 1024x768 format. As I've said, the pics are unreal but it's a crime when 
I can't have them as wallpapers. 

Write back and let me know if you plan on making a great site into an awesome site!!! 



1) There won't be a lot of wallpaper or any screen saver in the Super Gallery, as AutoZine is not intended to be that kind of skin-deep website.  
2) You can get the desired picture by dragging it from the browser to your graphic editor, say, Photoshop or Corel Photo Paint. "Download" function is not necessary. 
- Mark Wan.
I noticed a small mistake in the news about the BMW Z8, you say that "the car to be starirng in James Bond's new film Tomarrow Never Dies"  but infact the movie is called "the world is not enough"  tomarrow never dies was his last movie. 
Stuart Adamson 
Excellent articles, especially the technical school which is very helpful. If possible more diagrams and pictures would be great. 

In your explanation of superchargers you mentioned that they are heavy and tend not to work at higher rpm.  This is generally true, but there are some notable exceptions. One is the VW 'G' supercharger (Corrado, Golf & Passat 1.8 G60, and Polo 1.3 G40) which was very small -the size of a loaf of bread; and allowed power in the 1.8 version at least ( I haven't read anything  about the 
Polo) all the way to a 6500 red line (160bhp). 

To my knowledge, the lastest superchargers like the British KKK superchargers are much lighter and more efficient that the old ones, as they use twin screws to compress the air, not turbines. 

Anyway, given the choice, I would have a good supercharger anyday! Especially as they don't interfer with the exhaust note of a car like a turbo does! 

Thanks again for an excellent web page. 

Andrew Horne.

Poor American. Just 2 months ago they thought they were lucky to be the first market having the VR6 Golf Mk IV offering. Now the Europe launches the second genertion 24 valves VR6, leaving the American feeling they were cheated. Perhaps there is too much stock for the old VR6.
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