Introduction to AutoZine Car Archive

Throughout the years, this archive has been regarded as the most comprehensive on the web. Most cars sold from 1997 in Western Europe, Japan and USA can be found here. All reports are original, i.e. they were written by myself after tens of thousands hours of hardwork.


The original AutoZine car archives consisted of 3 parts - New Cars, Classic Cars and Strange Cars. In 2006, Classic Cars and Strange Cars were combined, while a new section Graveyard was opened to store the cars phased out from New Cars archive.

To streamline the maintenance work and ease navigation, the archives were reorganized again in 2009. New Cars and Graveyard were combined, so all new and old cars of a manufacturer are listed on the same car archive page of the manufacturer.

Cars not covered by this archive

1. Seriously outdated cars, mostly from developing countries.

2. People or cargo carriers such as MPVs, light vans and estates, because they are uninteresting to drive.

3. SUVs and offroaders, because AutoZine thinks they are nonsense and polluting.

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