Ford Model A (1928)

No matter how successful Model T was, it would get tired one day. GM's Chevrolet rose quickly by offering more style, luxury, modern technology and a variety of models, unlike Ford which insisted in one-car policy. By 1927, GM passed Ford to be the world's no. 1 car maker. Large amount of stocks built up at Ford's showrooms. Now it was clear that the time of Model T had past and it had to retire. Without a successor on the pipeline, Ford's 30 plants and 60,000 workers ran idling for the next 9 months, something no one could have predicted just a few years ago.

The savior finally came in early 1928. This car reused the name "Model A" as Henry Ford decided to start it all over again after his mass production revolution. It was designed by his increasingly influential son, Edsel Ford, having much more modern appearance and mechanicals. Previously, the Model T had a 2-speed planetary gearbox with foot-operated gearshift, a hand-operated accelerator lever and one brake acted on transmission shaft. In contrast, the Model A had an up-to-date 3-speed sliding gearbox with hand-operated gearshift, a foot-operated accelerator pedal and 4-wheel brakes. Conventional battery and coil ignition replaced the old magneto. The engine, still straight-4 and side valves, was enlarged to 3.3 liters while horsepower doubled to 40. Top speed raised to 65 mph from 45 mph. As before, it was offered in various body styles, but Edsel's design was far more stylish than his father's. Everything was greatly improved, while the price remain affordable.

When the car was unveiled to the public in New York, it caused a sensation. In 4 years time, Ford sold over 4 million Model As and regained the world's no. 1 title in 1929 and '30. Ford learned a painful lesson from the long-serving Model T and decided to update its cars more frequently. By 1931, Model A ended its short live and evolved to Model B.


Model A
Year of production
No. produced
4,320,446 units
Layout, Gearbox
Front-engined, Rwd, 3M
Inline-4, side valves, 2v/cyl
3285 cc
40 hp
128 lbft
1005 kg
Top speed
65 mph
0-60 mph
32 sec

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